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how to get back the old version with old plugins

11/12/2012 NO DOWNLOADS! Just do it without a program, just look at the video and enjoy! (THIS IS NOT A TROLL) The steps how to do: 1) Open Google Chrome, go to YouTube ... More

how to know japanese girl like you

You laugh more, you smile more, you try to find every possible way to hang out with them... and try to give some hints too. You act indifferent towards them. You let them know, straight up. ... More

how to get rid of pet urine smell from lino

14/03/2017 Get Rid of Dog and Cat Urine Odors The All Natural Way all-natural remedy to remove urine odor and stains. This way, the pets and children can ... More

how to fix non manifold edges in rhino

Non-manifold geometry is essentially geometry which cannot exist in the real world (which is why it's important to have manifold meshes for 3D printing). As JulianHzg points out in the comments , intersecting geometry (faces sticking through other faces) is not technically non-manifold geometry ... More

how to grow enough food to live on

You can grow enough food to feed an entire family of four in just four square feet of space. You can even grow your food indoors and having a yard is not necessary. ... More

how to fix depression and anxiety

Strong churches don’t “fix” depression. Given all of the above, it’s easy to understand how the stigma related to depression, even in the Church, will prevent people from seeking Christian guidance and … ... More

how to high quality brands get their reputation

These journals aggressively curate their brands, in ways more conducive to selling subscriptions than to stimulating the most important research. Like fashion designers who create limited-edition ... More

how to learn cued speech

Cued Speech helps a child to be a better speech reader (lip-reader). Because half of the cueing system's information comes from the shape on the lips, the child learns to focus on the mouth. Cued Speech allows the child to build a complete language base. When he or she is in a speech-reading situation, the language base acquired through use of Cued Speech allows the child to fill in the gaps ... More

how to find my lost ipod

1/12/2013 · Same way you find a wallet or car keys or anything else. Look for it. IF you set up find my ipod on the ipod and it is on and it is connected to wi-fi, then you may be … ... More

how to find unlisted youtube videos on a channel

Unlisted videos will not appear in YouTube search results, your channels, or Browse pages. To view an unlisted video, you don’t need a YouTube account, and unlike a … ... More

how to fix slow internet connection windows 8

Slow Computer Internet Connection Fix Windows Update Errors Windows 10 Slow Computer Internet Connection The registry is the part that keeps all your valuable configurations and settings. You may get it filled with too many unwanted files or missing some files and this could cause errors in your hard drive. DLL errors usually occur when fortunately there is a problem involving registry ... More

how to find network path of a folder

When you Ctrl + click the link, the shared folder or library is displayed in Windows/File Explorer, if the network computer sharing that resource is available. If you are sharing a folder or a library with the Sharing Wizard , you can quickly send an email with the link to it. ... More

how to get good at kissing

If you get a smile back, you're good to go. If your partner doesn't smile back, looks down, or away, you probably want to back off. If your partner doesn't smile back, … ... More

the binding of isaac rebirth how to go into fullscreen

You need to understand what the .rar format is first. When you make a .rar file, you can add multiple files into that rar file, kind of like a library of books, if each file is a … ... More

how to lose weight fast unhealthy but works

How Do I Lose Weight Fast Unhealthy 12 Foods That Burn Belly Fat How Do I Lose Weight Fast Unhealthy Ab Igniter Thermogenic Fat Burner Reviews What Should Your Heart Rate Be To Burn Fat Lipo can be the perfect procedure for the overweight individual trim over the excess fat around the waist, belly and thighs to render a well-shaped body it isnt quite is possibly not a weightloss procedure ... More

how to get activation code for moshi monsters

Guest18016059 how do i activate my mochi monsters email please open my email to use my moshi monsters and unblock junk mail moshi monsters is so very important to me thank you if you help me god may bless when you help my problem..... ... More

how to find out home loan eligibility

Find your local RAMS Home Loan Centre Please call 13 RAMS thats 13 7267 and a RAMS Mobile Home Loan Specialist will give you a call and come out to discuss your home loan needs with you. If youd like we can call you back. Just click on the Have us Call You button, enter your number and well be in touch soon. Alternatively, you can try submitting a different region or ... More

how to find domain name registrar

What is a registrar company. A domain registrar is the company that your domain is registered through. There is usually an annual bill for a domain name registration and the registrar is the company that you are paying. ... More

how to get mewtwo in pokemon platinum without action replay

Home Nintendo DS Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for more great content for Pokemon Platinum. Ultimate Mewtwo Action Replay Code for Pokemon Platinum ... More

how to get iodine in diet

Basic Description. Iodine is a fascinating mineral, and it's somewhat surprising how relatively little research has been done on the role of iodine in human health, in comparison to the amount of research that has been done on the role of iodine in the environment. ... More

accidentally crack branch of tree how to fix

Damage to our favorite trees and shrubs can happen. Sometimes the damage is the result of heavy snow fall, sometimes an animal, large dog, horse pony, donkey whatever it might be, decides to eat part of a tree, or small trees are often physically damaged by kids cars or other means. ... More

how to get to leader bord diablo 3

The Diablo 3 difficulty system was completely overhauled, and now we’ve got totally different Difficulty Levels in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. ... More

how to fix sliding door lock mechanism

Sliding Security Screen Door Lock Cylinder Euro Profile Lazy Cam Pneumatic Screen Door Closer MK2 Safety Lock Screen Door Hinges Bass Sliding Screen Door Latch Sliding Screen Door Roller Screen Door Latch Tasman MK2 Security Door Lock Tasman MK3 Security Door Lock Tasman Escape Security Door Lock. Whitco Security Screen Door Catalogue 1 1YEAR0 1300 LOCK UP … ... More

how to listen to 2rrr online

The sun’s out, the mercury’s rising, and Triple R’s summer programming is in full swing! New and familiar voices present a swag of different shows, covering everything from rock, roots and beats, to comedy, politics and design, while our regular presenters take a well-earned break. ... More

how to get noticed on triple j unearthed

The Most Brilliantly Hilarious Band Names On Triple J Unearthed Written by Staff on Jul 31, 2015 One of the things weve noticed when speaking to international bands and artists is the reverence they have for Triple J. ... More

how to fill out live scan form


how to get sponsors for your blog

The following is an excerpt from an article by Ron Strand that originally appeared on Ron teaches part time with the Faculty of Communications at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. ... More

how to get clear skin fast overnight

25/02/2016 · HOW TO GET CLEAR SKIN FAST! Meredith Foster Hey guys in this video I show you some ways to clear your skin fast! I hope this helped you or … ... More

how to get the last scenario on runtime in java

The following are top voted examples for showing how to use These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the examples you like and your votes will be used in our system to generate more good examples. ... More

how to join a flying club

Joining, Dues and Flying Rates There is a a $600 deposit join the club Club dues are $160 per month Each month 1 unit of flying credit accumulates in your account 1Read More... ... More

how to get mods on skyrim pc

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC: Only the PC version of the game is supported by the developers of Beyond Skyrim, at least at the moment. The Special Edition of Skyrim is supported, and the mod should be ported to the Xbox One at some point . ... More

how to get rid of insomnia while pregnant

Reasons for Dysgeusia During Pregnancy. Dysgeusia in pregnancy is known to occur due to the release of hormones. These hormones, especially estrogen play a part in regulating the sense of taste. ... More

how to keep centipedes away in hawaii

Your Orkin Pest Specialist, who is trained in the science of pest control, will use the appropriate treatments such as crack and crevice treatments with residuals, dusts in voids and so on to remove the food sources for the centipedes. The Pest Specialist will also use monitor boards to trap the centipedes and assess the effectiveness of the treatments. ... More

how to find impulse formula

Use the formula for angular momentum to get angular impulse equal to final angular momentum minus initial angular momentum. A final angular momentum minus an initial angular momentum is a change ... More

learn how to use stata

How to Learn Stata Stata is a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides resources for data analysis, data management, graphics, simulations, regression analysis (linear and multiple), and custom programming. ... More

how to get in registry windows 8

Cloud storage services are constantly vying for attention, and the inclusion of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 is indicative of the importance Microsoft places on it. But not everyone is so enamored with the service and would rather that it wasnt so hard-baked into the OS. Using Group Policy Editor or the Registry Editor, it can be disabled. ... More

how to ask someone out you dont know

... More

how to find colour hex code on word

Online HTML Color Codes Color Picker and Dynamic Color Chart SiTCE - Photoshop Script to Change Hue, Saturation And Lightness of WordPress Theme RGBHexCode ColourPicker - Generate RGB/Hex values and create shades, tint, complementary colours, etc. ... More

how to find the recently deleted folder on mac

Can you really recover files from a deleted mac trash? However, the deleted files still stored on your Mac and you just cannot access to the file from the system. If you delete files from Trash and emptied your trash, you can use a Mac Trash Recovery software to recover deleted files from emptied Trash on Mac OS X. Part 1. The Best Mac Trash Recovery - Recoverit Data Recovery; Part 2. How to ... More

witcher 3 how to find places of power

Places of Power are ritual stones hidden in the woods of this map. They can also be found in Velen, Novigrad, Skellige and Kaer Morhen. Interact with the quest board in White Orchard to reveal their locations as question marks on the map. ... More

overwatch how to get more kills

These heroes do not often get play of the game, because despite a few tweaks over the course of closed beta Blizzard's algorithm still values kills and skillshots. Overwatch isn't a game about ... More

how to make plants grow faster in terraria

6/01/2014 · The MFR part isn't the problem, he could harvest/replant even easier with Rotarycraft. The problem---as has been the problem numerous times---is that every time they make it so that the watering can can't be automated another mod comes along with a block that can automate it. ... More

terraria how to get somethign to stay active

28/05/2011 · Nah, I'm mainly looking for something with a couple people I can get on and learn from. And mainly looking for something non-hamachi... I don't like the idea of having to install a third-party program to play a retail game that uses multiplayer as one of it's main selling points. ... More

how to find restore point in windows 8

28/04/2016 · Restore points are automatically generated when you install a new app, driver, or Windows update, and generated when you create a restore point manually. Restoring won’t affect your personal files in your %UserProfile% folder, but it will remove apps, drivers, and updates installed after the restore point was created. ... More

how to find shi jin warband

31/07/2015 The Ten Chi Jin is a book of three sections (Ten, Chi and Jin), with each section broke into several sub sections as follows. ???? Ten Ryaku no Maki Ukemi Taihenjutsu Includes multidirectional rolls, flips & somersaults, breakfalls, leaping, climbing and walking methods, as well and integration of these methods. ... More

how to keep gravy warm at the table

Designed to keep sauces warm throughout a meal, this clever serving piece makes a sophisticated presentation of everything from all-American turkey gravy to classic French hollandaise. The traditional porcelain sauceboat, with its generous loop handle and narrow spout for easy pouring, rests on a ... More

how to fix gas gauge on car

24/03/2010 · That vehicle has an in tank fuel pump/gas gauge combination. To repair it you have to empty the tank and drop it down. The gauge is part of the … ... More

how to get 100 robux on roblox free

how to get free robux on roblox codes (100% working ) 2018 Back ... More

how to get to pandaria as boosted 110

3/05/2016 · I originally boosted this toon to 90 as an Alliance. I had no problems getting to Pandaria, the portal was there that took me to the Jade Forrest and flying was part of the deal apparently. I had no problems getting to Pandaria, the portal was there that took me to the Jade Forrest and flying was part of the deal apparently. ... More

how to get email addresses for executives

Just as was the case for former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, current CEO Tim Cook's email address is public: Also like Steve Jobs, Cook is known to respond to emails from Apple customers occasionally. ... More

how to get your toddler to eat dinner

Get your toddler to eat enough protein with these easy foods and tips! If you're struggling with finding food for your tot, you must read this! These easy proteins for toddlers will make sure your ... More

how to get season 9 haedrig gift set

12/01/2016 · Haedrig's Gift Fastest Way to Get Your First 6 Piece Set in Season 5 Patch 2.4 Reaper of Souls ... More

how to get more out of advertising on youtube

The more you understand YouTube to be a two-way engagement portal, the more successful youre going to be in the long term. Dont talk at people, talk with people. Dont talk at people, talk with people. ... More

how to get to old faithful snow lodge in winter

Travel Planning. The Old Faithful Snow Lodge is open from mid-December to early March. Reservations for lodging, dinner, and the snow coach are essential; rooms range from $99 (cabin) to $239 (lodge room) per night. ... More

how to know when you re pregnant without a test

Of course, a positive pregnancy test is the best way to be certain of a pregnancy in its early stages. Keep in mind, though, that everyone's body is slightly different, and some medical conditions might give you symptoms that mimic pregnancy. ... More

how to find your coordinates in minecraft 1.12

The Simple Chest Finder Mod is superb for locating these and the trapped chests. If you would like a fast and simple option to discover hidden chests in your world, then this mod for Minecraft 1.13 does precisely as designed and is super efficient. ... More

how to get your brother to say yes

Do whatever you can to get them to say yes. And if they do start saving up as quick as you can. Adoptions range between $5,000 to $20,000 or more especially overseas. So the faster you get the ... More

how to keep a hot room cool

Let it sit and cool down until the casing is no longer hot to the touch, and then try to use it again. Make sure its not stacked with any other devices, and keep the area clear to allow for proper airflow. ... More

how to fix rusty boat trailer

I am currently restoring a galvanized boat trailer. I have several questions mostly to do with safety. The surface of the trailer varies from good (galvanized layer still intact) to completely rusty. I have several questions mostly to do with safety. ... More

how to find dna sequence

How to Determine the GC‐Content of a DNA Sequence. The guanine-cytosine content, or GC-content, of a DNA sequence indicates the percentage of nucleotide base pairs where guanine is bonded to cytosine. DNA with a higher GC-content will be h... ... More

how to get leed platinum certification

Olas Verdes, a Costa Rican boutique hotel in Playa Guiones, Nosara,has been awarded the highest designation for the international sustainable design and construction standard, LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)LEED Platinum. ... More

how to find someone on social media using email

So you have to give your username and password if you want your VA to manage your social media using this tool. If you go PRO for just $8.99 a month, then you can add one team member. It’s a great tool and I use it all the time with my team. ... More

how to get food on gta san andreas ps2

Rockstar overhauled the game camera for San Andreas, allowing for unprecedented control previously unseen in the GTA series. The right analog stick now gives you full range of camera movement on foot and in a vehicle. Players will be able to move in one direction while looking in the opposite direction at anytime in every situation. ... More

how to get away 4 temporada

Temporada 1, Episodio 4. Let's Get to Scooping. How To Get Away With Murder. Mirar ahora. Temporada 1, Episodio 5. We're Not Friends. How To Get Away With Murder. Mirar ahora. Temporada 1, Episodio 6. Freakin' Whack-a-Mole . How To Get Away With Murder. Mirar ahora . Temporada 1, Episodio 7. He Deserved to Die. How To Get Away With Murder. Mirar ahora. Temporada ... More

how to know a girl realllllly want a guy

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, well, you may want to know how to ask a guy out and let him know that you really like him. Use these pointers on how to ask a guy out without really ... More

how to know who are using my wifi network

Check out this guide to network activity in the Windows Resource Manager, and how to look up processes you don't recognize that are using bandwidth. Check out this guide to network … ... More

how to get flipaclip on windows

Create stories with flipaclip on Windows, PC, Download free app to get download free of cost online. Frame by frame animation on Flipaclip for PC, Windows download the app. Perfect app to clear all issues with flipa clip application download new and creative idea implemented on windows ... More

how to catch a fish in minecraft alive ipad

How to Catch a Panda: Something was getting into my garbage at night. I also believe whatever it is has been pirating my wi-fi. Despite what those naysayers at Animal Control or Virginia Department of Fish and Game said, I was pretty sure it was a panda bear. Perha... ... More

how to get a paywave card

16/05/2013 · My friendly teller at the bank office said paywave can't be switched off, but she offered to lower my paywave limit to $1, withouth affecting the chip+pin or magstrip limits. ... More

how to fix leaking shower tiles top level

Upstairs bathtub/shower leaks downstairs Asked Oct 3, 2008, 07:11 PM — 8 Answers We have tried everything to repair this.. but every time someone uses the shower in upstairs guest bathroom it leaks downstairs into laundry room. ... More

how to live an active lifestyle

How To Live An Active Lifestyle - Ways To Be More Active In this video I discuss how to be more active by providing you with some ways to move your body more throughout the day. How To Live An Active Lifestyle 1. Start a walking program. Start out by committing yourself to walking for 10 to 15 minutes a day every day. As this ... More

how to get better quicker if you are sick

Since youre smaller, theres less H20 in your body. Consuming the same amount of booze you did when you were larger will get you drunker a lot faster, he explains. ... More

how to get sponsored for rally racing

Rally Racing: What is it like to drive in the Gumball 3000? How can I get sponsors to fund the $75,000 for the Gumball 3000 rally and a couple thousand for super car rent? ... More

how to get free load 2017

27/12/2016 · Get YouTube without the ads. Working... No thanks 1 month free. Find out why Close. How to get free load in Sun, Smart/TNT or Globe/TM 2017 Everything You Need. Loading... Unsubscribe from ... More

ac2 how to get altair armor

The best armor in Assassin's Creed 2. Very cool looking. Uploading guides of the Tombs, check my channel. Paypal Donate: ... More

how to get in the drug game

1 day ago · The rating summary says the game is predominantly focused on “a fictional drug called Spice” – so presumably this is not the synonym for synthetic marijuana. ... More

giga watt how to get tokens

Giga Watt representatives have overtly and unmistakably stated to investors that between the time of the ICO and the date on which each investor would be issued his/her/its Giga Watt tokens, the ... More

how to get songwriting ideas

One of the things I discovered when I started mentoring songwriters is that very few of us have a plan. That may be the curse of the creative mind we get so lost in making stuff up that we lose sight of the business side of things that must be tended to as well. ... More

how to make money in big fish casino

Big Fish Casino Slots big fish casino slots Big Fish Casino Slots features tons of fantastically themed tables for you to indulge in your gambling side!nodeposit casino bonus Big Fish Casino Games us slots mobile for real money always split aces and eights blackjackBig Fish Slots oriental fortune casino slots all lotto jackpots poker runs ... More

how to get little kellys mods in minecraft

Home little kelly > About Us Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world, featuring original games such as The Walls, Mega Walls, Blitz Survival Games, and many more! ... More

how to know if your on a date

Do you have a carton of eggs that have passed their use-by date? While it's usually safe to eat eggs for several weeks past their stamped expiration date, it's best to run a quick test to see if your … ... More

how to fix uneven concrete stairs

If youre pouring concrete stairs outside, incorporate a slight downward slope so that water will run off the stairs. The top-most step is shorter than the rest, and thats because Steves crew will be framing the floor, bringing that step up to the appropriate height. ... More

how to grow drumstick plant in pot

Chamomile is a lovely herb that produces dainty, daisy-like blooms throughout much of the growing season. Growing chamomile in containers is definitely possible and, in fact, works like a charm if youre worried that chamomile, a generous self-seeder, may be too rambunctious in the garden. ... More

how to get google voice icon

Get notified about your text messages, missed calls, or voicemail. Turn notifications on or off By default, you're notified when there's a new text message, missed call, or voicemail in the Google Voice … ... More

how to find section 8 rentals

For most families, finding safe and sanitary housing is a priority. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program allows low-income families, the elderly and disabled to choose a suitable property and pay only a portion of the rent. ... More

minecraft in the sea mod how to get iron

Iron appears in equal frequency at all elevations below sea level. It's equally common at y=13.6 as it is at y=44.6 or anything else under 63. Digging at diamond depth will let you collect both at once. ... More

pokemon soul silver how to get shiny latios

1/01/2019 · The Latios, Latias, and Shiny Rayquaza that Hoopa summoned in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages all Mega Evolved during the movie. Much like the Mewtwo from the sixteenth movie , they were able to Mega Evolve without a Key Stone or their respective Mega Stones. ... More

how to fix power steering rack leak

However, you can fix your power steering leak on any flat, dry surface. Drive the car up on car ramps, or jack the front end of the vehicle in the air. Use jack stands for ... More

how to get a damaged screw out

A screw that has been overused or been subjected to nicks can be difficult to stripe. Two factors makes your screw hard to remove: water and oxygen, which will lead to rusting. ... More

how to get off state trustees

Unit trusts must meet the relevant criteria contained in section 3A(3B) of the Land Tax Management Act 1956 to be considered a fixed trust. The Land Tax Management Act 1956 requires a trustee to lodge a land tax return, if the land is subject to a trust (Section 12 (1C)). ... More

how to get rid of body dysmorphia

21/12/2014 Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) requires appropriate assessment and treatment. Watch and discover what might be possible in terms of treatment options. Watch and discover what might be possible in ... More

how to get music from pc to itunes

Also Read: How to Get Music from iPhone SE to Computer > The Tool We Will Use. All we need is an iTunes Library Extractor and iPhone File Manager named AnyTrans. Check its main features now: Extract and show your iTunes library, including music, playlists, videos, TV Shows, ringtones, audiobooks, etc. Allow you to transfer music and more from iPhone to computer in a folder. Sync music ... More

how to get zhangjiajie from perth

There are 2 ways to get from Zhangjiajie to Perth by plane or bus. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. ... More

how to find out my licence expiry vic roads

The absence of a "reminder notice" is not a valid excuse — the expiry date is right there on your licence, after all. Unfortunately, the recent expiry is unlikely to grant you much leeway with ... More

how to get to bald head island

Hurricane Florence seems to be tracking our way. The Village of Bald Head Island has issued a voluntary evacuation effective at noon today. Non-residents are asked to leave the island … ... More

how to get deep sleep naturally

How To Sleep On Time How To Combat Sleeplessness Missouri and Which Honey Is Good For Health Minnesota Where Can I Buy Raw Honey Tennessee Quickest Way To Make Your Hand Fall Asleep Michigan 10 Foods That Help You Sleep Alaska Yoga is really a ... More

how to find netflix on samsung smart tv

We hope that you would find this article informative and it helps you to fix Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV issue. It is possible that both Samsung and Netflix support system find some reliable solution which definitely works for every Samsung Smart TV user. ... More

how to find max and min values of trig functions

From there, you can find the values of the other trig functions. cos (x) = sin (90-x) in degrees there are other identities such as cos^2+sin^2=1, so cos^2=1-sin^2 cos (x) = sin (90-x) in degrees there are other identities such as cos^2+sin^2=1, so cos^2=1-sin^2 ... More

how to make your makeup look more natural

21/02/2018 · Natural makeup look is one beauty trend that is bound to never go out of fashion. And, today at Boldsky, we're letting you know about certain useful tips that can help you achieve a natural finish with your makeup. ... More

how to get minecraft for free on computer full version

Download Setup File Minecraft Minecraft Full Version Free Download PC Game Screen Shoots. Minimum System Requirements. Processor: Intel Pentium D, AMD Athlon 64 ... More

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how to get prescription for cold medicine

27/02/2018 · From 1 February 2018, all medicines containing codeine require a prescription. You may want to suggest the use of alternative products that are available over the counter, or advise the patient to discuss their pain and cough, cold and flu management options with their GP.

how to fix a wrist injury

The pain may be due to a sudden force causing an acute wrist injury, or due to overuse, causing a repetitive strain injury. The area can feel tender, especially when moving it. Because of this, complete rest is the best treatment for recovering from a strain.

how to get good at lead guitar

Probably the best way to run guitar into a PA is to mic the amp with a good mic like the Shure SM57, and then run the mic into your mixer. This will get you the tone of your amp's speaker. Sometimes running an electric guitar straight into a mixer will sound very dry and lifeless.

how to fix convergence on a mitsubishi projection tv

2/11/2003 · Is anyone familiar with rear projection TVs and their repair? My Pioneer 52" TV has large blue and yellow "ghosts" to the right of objects on the screen.

how to get arc points

I was using the “construct points” tool in ArcGIS editor to create points at set distances along features in a polyline shapefile (routes in fact). That only allowed me to create points on one feature at a time, which is very time consuming. This tool allowed me to create the points for all features within the polyline simultaneously.

how to find the name of a remix

The Get Your Bootleg on site (affectionately abbreviated to GYBO) became an important launchpad for new mashup tunes, and was the home of a lively community of bootleggers who offered critiques of new songs, tips for newbies, pointers on where to find a cappellas, legal advice, publicity for mashup events and general discussion of issues surrounding the mashup phenomenon.

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